5700 Gateway Blvd.

Suite 100A Mason, Ohio 45040

Phone (513) 336-0540

Fax (513) 336-6064


Located in behind Brazenhead Irish Pub, our Mason office offers a few unique services: 

  • Decompression Therapy - a different approach to mechanical traction, decompression therapy is able to target a specific level of the lumbar spine and is verified as safe by the FDA.  Also unique to Sports Therapy, Inc. there is no extra fee for this service, where other providers may require you to pay $1000-4000 for your treatment regime.  

  • Radial Shock Wave Therapy - Also FDA approved, this modality combined with exercises has been shown to be especially effective in treating plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and tendonitis in various joints.

  • TMJ - Offered at the majority of Sports Therapy, Inc. locations, TMJ problems can make eating, sleeping and even speaking unbearably uncomfortable.  Targeted exercises combined with extra/intraoral massage will help patients to regain normal opening, reduce mandibular deviation and reduce headaches caused by improperly functioning  

      Supervising Therapist: Jason Privett, MPT, PT, AT, C.Ped.                Operating Hours:  MW 8am - 7pm; Tues Closed; Thurs 9am-2pm; Fri 8am - 6pm

        Services offered: -Outpatient Physical Therapy-IASTM-Traction-Orthopedics-Trigger Point Dry Needling-Cupping